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Yogadelphia's Trish Shore, Certified Yoga Therapist.

Yogadelphia gives the following descriptive information:

Yogadelphia: an innovative approach to optimal health through yoga within a supportive community. We employ the tools of hatha yoga, pranayama but the meditation is more akin to a Quaker Meeting. We use this time to let all stress fall away while being in the present moment with our peers. With regular practice, a supportive environment and access to the best yoga and community building information in the Philadelphia area. Our vision is to engage, encourage and inspire each student to identify understand and neutralize the modern barriers to ongoing health and wellness.

Patricia “Trish” Shore is Certified Yoga Therapist (ERYT 500) She has practiced for over 30 years and teaching gentle for 5 years.

I teach the ancient wisdom of yoga so people can help balance their lives and feel better. My classes are designed to be accessible to beginners and engaging for the experienced yogi. Sequences of postures in standing, sitting, lying down and inverted postures is followed by deep relaxation. Breathing and meditation techniques are included to encourage mindful awareness in a non-competitive and loving environment.