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Documentary Films;
Documentary Films;
Pilot Television projects;
Pilot Television projects;
Internet infomercials;
Internet Infomercials;
Political Commercials;
Political Commercials;

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Best Independent Film / HD in Philadelphia

12th House Productions LLC / Entertainment Non Profit has been in business since 1984.

  • Based in the Philadelphia suburbs of Drexel Hill Pa, the company has produced many, many projects for Broadcast network and Independent productions.
  • 12th House Productions enjoys the respect of many local and international industry professionals, who work side by side with our company.
  • Our staff includes industry professional who have decades of production experience in both Film and HD day to day operations.
  • We are also designed to help Documentary film makers who are beginning in their careers, in pre production planning through post productions on their projects.
  • We have locations in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, our Los Angeles associates are available and do travel to Philadelphia to work on projects.
  • 12th House Productions currently has (5) productions in operations for the 2019-2020 calendar year.

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