African Americans for Educational Opportunities (AAEO)

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African Americans for Educational Opportunities (AAEO), is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization birthed out of The Philadelphia Chapter of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO)which was founded in 2001.

Through the years AAEO has established its reputation as a leader for parental choice by providing low-income parents with the tools they need to be full participants in their children’s education.

Expanding underserved communities’ knowledge about their ability to choose the best education for their children is critical to reversing the educational plight. AAEO programs and services are designed to empower the Pennsylvania community about parental choice while fostering the development of quality educational options for children.

Our Mission

AAEO’s mission is to actively support and increase parental choice to empower families to exercise this choice and to increase quality educational opportunities.

AAEO’s primary objective is to ensure that low-income and working class families living in Philadelphia gain access to the same high-quality educational options that are available to more affluent families.