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AngelList gives the following descriptive information:

Where the world meets startups

  • Find a startup job.
    • Apply privately to 56,899 startup jobs with one application.
    • No middlemen. See salary and equity upfront.
  • Post a job.
    • High-quality candidates.
      • Reach 199,765 active candidates, including 33,475 developers and 8,023 designers. 6,000+ new candidates weekly.
    • 100% free.
      • Posting a job is free. Meeting candidates is free. Hiring is free. That's why over 4,400 companies have hired candidates from AngelList.
    • Saves you time.
      • Stop digging through an inbox full of résumés. Connect with high quality candidates in one click.
  • Raise money online.
    • Fill out a private application. Get introduced to prospective investors.
  • Invest in startups.
    • Build a diverse portfolio of early-stage startup investments.
    • Private and oversubscribed deals: 46% unrealized IRR (Dec. 2015).

AngelList is headquartered in New York and San Francisco.