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Behind the scenes at Anthony's in its earliest years.

Celebrating Family, Friends & Food for 4 Generations

In 1906, from the shores of Eastern Sicily, an adventurous fisherman with hopes for a better tomorrow, journeyed to America in search of the American Dream. Arriving in Ellis Island and traveling to Philadelphia, young Tommaso Anastasio was eager to begin fulfilling his dream. With a push-cart and ambition, he was determined to make a better life for himself and his family, for generations to come. He worked hard in and around the S. 9th Street neighborhood, establishing himself and soon marrying Catherine, daughter of the Lucchese fish market family of the S. 9th St market. When the Great Depression hit, it was all work for their 7 children and no more schooling. Their youngest son, Anthony (Tony), with a 6th grade education, was put to work with a fruit & produce push cart.

In the late 1980's, after traveling to Italy Tony's grandson, Anthony returned with an idea to bring all of the color and culture of an authentic Italian Cafe back home, to what was now know as the S. 9th St. Italian Market. When Tony's son, Thomas, moved the fruit & produce to a larger wholesale facility, Anthony now had his opportunity to begin fulfilling his dreams on the market. On April 21, 1995 Anthony, transformed his grandfather's original store into Anthony's Italian Coffee House at 903 S. 9th St., nearly 60 years after Tony parked his push-cart. It was the market's first coffee house to open in nearly 50 years.

The market and the customers have responded so well that Anthony's added a Chocolate House in 2003 to showcase house-made chocolates and artisan gelato. In March 2020, an international pandemic (COVID-19) brought nations across the globe to shutdown and quarantine. Ecommerce, takeout & delivery became our primary business model and has sustained our family business. Proudly we have kept everyone employed and continue to take the necessary steps to to preserve, enrich and continue our work in our beloved Italian Market Community.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the restaurant's Our Story page.

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