Barbershop Talk Human Family Day Foundation

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The concept of a human family day was developed by Robert Woodard in 1995. Barbershop Talk Human Family Day Foundation, Inc., an outgrowth of Barbershop Talk Network, was incorporated by the founder, Robert Woodard, in 1998.

We are a 501(C)(3), community-based organization that uses the barbershop and community as a forum to dialogue with visitors from around the world. Our listening audience has broadened, expanding our involvement and purpose nationally.

We recognize that the most significant factor that supersedes our physical differences and binds us, one person to another, is the “human” element. We believe that each of us has a personal responsibility to uplift the self-worth of all human beings and embrace diversity as a positive aspect of our existence.


• To promote self-examination as a guide to increasing awareness and to uplift the value and uniqueness of all human beings.

• To stimulate open dialogue as a forum for exploring and combating biases and stereotypes while promoting positive human relations.

• To foster understanding, respect, and acceptance of others from all walks of life.

• To use the knowledge learned through shared experiences for personal, social, and spiritual growth.