Barn Nature Center

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Hands-on Animal Experiences

The Barn Nature Center is a non-profit educational animal sanctuary for rescued and re-homed exotic pets.

  • Our interactive animal exhibits feature over 40 diverse species from around the world.
  • Our mission is to provide quality care to our wonderful animal ambassadors while providing environmental and wildlife education to the public, as well as teaching youth animal care and community service skills.
  • It is our hope that experiences at the Barn Nature Center inspire deeper connections with the natural world and respect for all life.
  • Our fun and educational Traveling Animal Presentations allow us to bring our animals to your school, event, organization, or private party.
    • Each presentation gives the audience the chance to be up close and personal with some of our animal ambassadors from the Barn Nature Center. These presentations could be themed or custom designed to meet specific academic standards or the interests of your group. Examples of presentation themes may include: Animal Kingdom; Adaptations; Amazing Reptiles; Predator and Prey; Food Webs; Endangered Species; Diurnal and Nocturnal.