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A Center City Kehillah sukkah (temporary dwelling or booth used by practising Jews during the Sukkot festival).

A Network of Communities Representing the Diversity of Jewish Life in Urban Philadelphia

The Center City Kehillah is a network of communities representing the diversity of Jewish life in urban Philadelphia. As a hub for Jewish life, we strengthen individual and communal connections by creating both accessible entry points and in-depth opportunities to grow. Our participating organizations include synagogues and congregations; cultural, educational, and social justice institutions; and nonprofit initiatives.

Our annual events include a Chanukah candle lighting in Rittenhouse Square and a Jewish Night of Learning for Shavuot as well as monthly professional development opportunities for our organizational representatives. We also provide ongoing opportunities for community members to share resources, make new connections, and learn about each other’s experiences.

Close to 30 organizations from across Center City have signed on as participating organizations. To learn more about getting involved, either as an organization or an individual, contact us.

The Center City Kehillah is in cooperation with and funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About page.

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