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The Collective Success Network introduces itself with the line, "A community supporting, mentoring and empowering college students from disadvantaged backgrounds", gives the following descriptive information:

Professionals paying it forward

Our proposal is to build, nurture and sustain a community of professionals to support, mentor and empower college students from disadvantaged backgrounds (students from lower-income communities who may be the first generation in their families to attend college).

Our focus is to:

  • Design and implement a mentorship program tailored for college students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Organize intercollegiate career development, networking, and Q&A events tailored for college students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Support first-generation college student groups to form campus-based chapters and organize social events, so as to strengthen formal and informal social support networks on campus.
  • Collaborate with corporations to invest in enhancing the diversity of the talent pipeline by organizing job recruiting activities focused on college students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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