Gentrification, A Quandary

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A Poem By Gerald Alan Ney

Gentrification, A Quandary 08/05-06/2018

["The Schumpeterians have all along gloried in capitalism's endless creativity while treating the destructiveness as mostly a matter of the normal costs of doing business." - Social Geographer [Harvey, David (2010). The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism. London: Profile Books. p. 46. ISBN 1-84668-308-4. David Harvey on Creative Destruction]
Lk 15:22-23

Ebb and flow,
The places of man,
A limited span
In form and presence.


Expansion, contraction,
Arriving, birthing,
Leaving, dying,
All wind in the grass.


The forgotten remembered,
It, for its nature,
Them, removable fixtures,
Renew for me, not thee.


Use artist and chef,
Lease till comes its rise
Instruments to cleanse
Out them, unwanted others.


The price in lives...
Who shall pay?
But Lazarus shall have his day
In the final court.

- Gerald Alan Ney