Germantown United Community Development Corporation (GUCDC)

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Storefronts in Germantown United Community Development Corporation's service area.

A Community-based Nonprofit Organization

Germantown United CDC (GUCDC) serves a vibrant commercial corridor or “Main Street” and contributes to strong neighborhoods. The stores provide places to work, shop, and meet your neighbors.

  • Through our Targeted Corridor Management Program contract with the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce, GUCDC provides assistance to businesses, brings planning and resources to the corridor, oversees activities to make the corridor clean and safe, and works to attract new businesses to the area.
  • Our organization is actively working to bolster and reinforce the vibrancy of the business district to meet the needs of the surrounding community and attract visitors from outside the immediate neighborhood.
  • GUCDC is also exploring opportunities to strengthen and diversify the mix of commercial uses in the business district, the potential to reuse vacant or underutilized properties, business and job attraction strategies, and available sources of funding to support recommended revitalization strategies.

Local Description

Germantown United CDC describes its service area:

Our work is focused on the Central Germantown Business Corridor, which is bounded by Chelten Avenue between Baynton and Morris streets; Germantown Avenue between Washington Lane and Berkley Street; Maplewood Mall; and short stretches of important intersecting streets such as Greene Street, Wayne Avenue, and Pulaski Avenue. The yellow line in the map of Germantown demarcates GUCDC’s boundaries.


Note:  The above description came from the organization's Mission & History page.

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