Global Philadelphia Association (GPA)

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The Global Philadelphia Association introduces itself with the line, "Meet The World Here", and gives the following descriptive information:

The Global Philadelphia Association was founded in 2010 by nine of the leading international organizations in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

  • To assist--and to encourage greater interaction among--the many organizations and  people who are engaged in one form or another of international activity within the Greater Philadelphia Region.
  • To promote the development of an international consciousness within the Region.
  • To enhance the Region’s global profile.

Today, over 190 organizations, businesses, and internationally‐minded individuals have become joint ventures in the Global Philadelphia initiative, and more are joining each month. In a public – private partnership, the association has led the effort of Philadelphia becoming the first World Heritage City in the United States.

The Philadelphia region is home to hundreds of non-profit organizations, civic and professional associations, and public agencies dedicated to connecting the region to the rest of the world and enhancing its international reputation. Whether it's an international development agency working on behalf of women's rights in Afghanistan or teaching sustainable agricultural techniques in Africa, an association of citizens organized in support of the goals of the United Nations, a chapter of the International Visitors Council dedicated to citizen diplomacy, or a chamber of commerce focused on promoting business ties with South America, you can find it here.

World Heritage City

After being granted the status of an Observer Member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities in 2013, the City of Philadelphia has become the Nation's First World Heritage City in 2015.



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