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Grounded in Philly gives the following descriptive information:

The Garden Justice Legal Initiative at the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia and 596 Acres in Brooklyn, NY came together in late 2012 to start developing Grounded in Philly and collaborate on making vacant space available to communities in Philadelphia.

Grounded in Philly

Grounded in Philly facilitates the transitioning of vacant land into community-controlled green spaces, gardens and gathering places. Mapping data sourced from various public entities help identify vacant lots that are available for transition. Through this site you can connect and communicate with other residents regarding specific lots and find out how to secure and use prospective green spaces. You’ll also find a resource page with links to active individuals, groups, events and gardening information.

Garden Justice Legal Initiative

The Garden Justice Legal Initiative (GJLI) provides pro bono legal support, advocacy, and policy research to community gardens and urban farmers in Philadelphia’s communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, and historically disinvested neighborhoods. The project began in 2011 at the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia with support from the Skadden Fellowship program.

GJLI engages community members, develops partnerships with nonprofit and community-based organizations, and fosters relationships between community gardeners and municipal authorities to help foster a movement in Philadelphia to support food access and positive vacant land policies. We aim to give communities greater control over the future of their neighborhoods. Grounded in Philly is one of the awesome ways we’re reaching that goal.

596 Acres

596 Acres builds online organizing platforms for land access advocates and facilitators and acts locally in Brooklyn, NY as an advocate and a facilitator through their online platform.

Soil Generation

Just about the same time we were set to launch this site, a group of individuals and organizations convened by the Garden Justice Legal Initiative decided it was ready to launch as a formal coalition. Soil Generation (formerly Healthy Foods Green Spaces) is a constituent-led coalition that collaboratively magnifies the voice of urban agriculture, garden and open space advocates across the City of Philadelphia. Since the mission and values of Soil Generation and Grounded in Philly are so intertwined, Soil Generation lives on this site too.

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