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This is a collection of Web articles and sites concerning helpfulness and collaboration. #Bottom

The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed.

--Adam Grant

Types of Helpfulness

Direct Helping

Direct Helping is where a person or a group offers their time or other resources, such as their helping hands or their money to another person or group.

    • Let's identify people who need specific help and let others know the need so that someone can be found to provide the needed help.

Indirect Helping

Indirect Helping is where a person or group sets up a system or a service that can enable others to benefit from their efforts.

    • Let's seek out people who have succeeded at something where others in similar circumstances have had difficulty. Let's try to identify what it is that enabled the successful people.

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  • About "Havingness"
    • "Havingness is the state of your capacity to have", Says Toko-pa, author, mystic & dreamworker

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