I'm Feeding Philly

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I'm Feeding Philly.

Help The Homeless!

(The GoFundMe Is closed)

I'm Feeding Philly is solely dedicated to helping the homeless! All proceeds will go towards feeding the homeless each and every first Friday of the month in different parts of Philadelphia from downtown Center City and all surrounding train stations. With your help, rather homeless or even just down on their luck we will be able to pack lunches and care packages including toiletries for men and women. With that being said together let's try and make a change by lending a helping hand by donating or coming out to help I'll post my location and info every month to Instagram and Facebook. God willing we'll be able to do this twice a month!... Spread the word #ImFeedingPhilly !!Nonprofit organization!!

Note:  The above description came from the campaign's home page.

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