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I want to kick off this page on Abundance with this encouraging TED Talk. Then, take a look at the link for the 20 Good News Stories...

Peter Diamandis

Joi Ito

Other Videos

John McKnight & Peter Block

Fuller on Wealth

In his short Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, Buckminster Fuller defines "wealth" as the capability to cope with the environment. Here, amy m. hurley recorded me reading his full definition...

A Biological Basis of Economics

There does not seem to be a great deal of writings on how animals, including man, deal with food, air and water. Of course, human civilizations have evolved very elaborate systems for handling how these resources are managed. Our process is quite different from that of any other living things. But what if we took the view that our systems need to behave in a similar way to those of other animals and plants.

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