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Just Act.

Just Act gives the following descriptive information:

Just Act's mission is to ignite public dialogue and action planning using theatre-based tools with collaborating partners invested in making meaningful social and civic change. As a multi-dimensional resource across sectors, Just Act is a distinctive, innovative hybrid of artistic and community engagement.

Just Act is a distinctive hybrid artistic and community engagement organization committed to social justice. Our Ensemble of artist-educators facilitate unique theatre-based programs that activate and nurture meaningful dialogue, reflection, healing and action around complex, often divisive social issues, to cultivate individual and collective strength. Informed by Theatre of the Oppressed and other theatre, art and activist strategies, our work is a creative catalyst for community activism and personal change. In all we undertake, Just Act renews and deepens the capacity of social change seekers and makers to stand up for justice with compassion and renewed courage.

In these times of anxiety, bustle and disconnection, Just Act offers refreshing, participatory “refuel zones” to creatively pause and attend to tension and fractured relations around race, culture, and socio-economic disparities to reweave connections and grow empathy, understanding and action plans.

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