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This App Helps Individuals Build and Manage Their Network

LincSphere introduces itself with the line, "It's like Batman's Utility Belt, but for Networking. An app that helps you follow-up like a pro and build real relationships with your network," and gives the following descriptive information:

LincSphere was built based on the habits of the world's most successful power connectors. In other words, it's not just another CRM system. In fact, CRMs aren't even our competitors. CRMs are great for managing and tracking sales and customer info for a company. LincSphere was built to help individuals build and manage their network of professional relationships.

  • Make Introductions:  Easily send "double-opt-in" introductions that automatically ask permission first before sending the intro along.
  • Scan Business Cards:  Use the camera on your phone to easily scan and save business cards, then import them into your LincSphere contacts.
  • Follow-up Regularly:  Easily set repeating follow-up reminders for each of your contacts, to ensure you never forget to stay in touch.
  • Send Referrals:  Easily send referrals to your most trusted contacts to further build your relationships.
  • View Contacts On a Map:  Get a bird-eye view of the size and location of your network. See them all on a map (by their work addresses).
  • Get Relationship Building Ideas:  There are lots of activities pre-loaded in the app, to give you ideas on how to interact with your contacts for better relationship-building.

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