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For a Well Played Life

Musicopia’s unwavering mission for 46 years is to provide opportunities for children to experience, learn, perform, and appreciate music. Founded by a string quartet in 1974, Musicopia is a leader in revitalizing school music programs in the Greater Philadelphia area, providing equitable access to music programming for youth attending under-resourced schools.​

Through a teaching roster of over 100 professional ensembles and solo musicians of the highest caliber, Musicopia helps Pre-K-12th grade students explore and develop their musical interests, learn to play an instrument, and perform alongside enthusiastic peers through in-school assemblies, workshops, and residencies, and long-term ensembles including the after-school Musicopia String Orchestra and Musicopia Drumlines. Fostering Artistry and Musical Excellence (FAME) instruction provides year-round musical instrument and ensemble coaching. With a goal to inspire a love of music within children that will last a lifetime, Musicopia’s programs represent musical styles and traditions from around the world including classical, jazz, Latin, African, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, opera, hip hop, rock/pop and others.

Over the past ten years, Musicopia’s Gift of Music instrument donation program has collected, repaired and placed more than 4,000 donated musical instruments with those students who need them the most. ​

In 2012, Musicopia formed a dynamic partnership with Dancing Classrooms Philly to provide both organizations with a more efficient infrastructure while advancing their missions and community impact. Both are committed to working with children and schools that lack adequate arts education programs and are cut off from the region’s rich cultural life.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About Musicopia page.

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