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National Liberty Located in the heart of historic Philadelphia, the National Liberty Museum is dedicated to preserving America’s heritage of freedom by fostering good character, civic responsibility and respect for all people. The Museum includes 78 exhibits, 179 works of contemporary art, and stories of 2,000 heroes within eight expansive galleries and adjacent spaces.
Our exhibit areas include:

Let Freedom Ring Gallery

This gallery celebrates the rewards and responsibilities of living in a free society. You'll discover 200 outstanding Americans of the 20th century, 19 American Nobel Peace Prize winners, and the First Amendment Room, which explores the rights and responsibilities of freedom

Coming to America Gallery

For more than 300 years, men and women of courage, foresight and need made a great journey to a new land. They endured hardship, danger and loneliness, leaving behind all that was familiar to them. This gallery explores the reasons our ancestors came to America and the inspiring success stories of the generations that followed.

Education Center/Chihuly Gallery

This is the room where student groups gather to begin their tour of the Museum and learn the many important messages presented here. Exhibits include a showcase of glass sculptures illustrating the characteristics of productive citizens, a giant "What Do You Stand For?" Puzzle Wall, a tribute to renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly, and our new state-of-the-art interactive adventure, "Heroes of Character."

From Conflict to Harmony Gallery

This gallery seeks to make our communities safer by exploring the causes of violence, honoring young heroes and offering a range of solutions to "Break the Cycle of Hate." You'll enjoy the Jellybean Children Exhibit, use our "Shredder" machine to destroy cruel words, learn ten ways to resolve conflicts peacefully, and have another opportunity to use our "Heroes of Character" interactives. Additionally, the adjacent DNA Room helps visitors recognize the commonalities of all humankind.

Lenfest Liberty Hall

This tribute to America includes a collection of original Presidential china, an exhibit and film about the Medal of Honor and other Awards of Valor, a wall-size copy of Howard Chandler Christy's famous "Signing of the Constitution" and a magnificent portrait of all 43 American Presidents standing side by side in front of the White House.
Voyage to Liberty through Faith Gallery
Designed to represent an archeological site, this gallery honors Biblical heroes to remind us that America was the first country in the world where everyone was free to practice the religion of his or her choice. Commissioned wall-size stained glass images tell the stories of these ancient leaders, followed by a collection of original oil paintings, which trace the development of our nation from the arrival of the Pilgrims to modern day.

Heroes From Around the World Gallery

To encourage pride in ourselves and respect for others, the National Liberty Museum honors the achievements of individuals from 55 nations around the world. Many of the heroes are presented in life-size dioramas, including replicas of Anne Frank's secret annex and Nelson Mandela's jail cell. You’ll also enjoy the "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Acts" exhibit, which explores the remarkable things people have done to save the lives of complete strangers and "Peace Seekers," a wall dedicated to individuals who have promoted peace in a wide variety of ways.

Inspiration Exhibit

Located in the center of the Museum between galleries, this exhibit honors Americans who have faced physical, cognitive or psychological challenges with courage, determination and hope. Many honored in this exhibit are well-known individuals, who are highly successful in their fields.
Heroes of 9/11 Memorial
This 3-story exhibit through the center of the Museum pays tribute to the heroes of 9/11. It features video footage of the attack, photographs that capture unforgettable scenes, faces of the heroes and a beautiful mural of the Pentagon expressing the ultimate victory of freedom over terrorism.