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Creative activity at the Natural Creativity Center.

Imagine a world where all young people develop the foundation for a life of self-direction, constructive purpose, and personal fulfillment.

This world exists at Natural Creativity, an education center for families who choose an alternative to school. We believe that humans are born problem solvers--and naturally creative. We focus on developing creativity, compassion, and collaboration among our young people and community members.

The purpose of Natural Creativity is to help young people and their families cultivate their innate ability to think flexibly and meet challenges creatively. We actively embrace racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity, and endeavor to become a catalyst for transformation in addressing the education crisis in Philadelphia and beyond.

Natural Creativity understands that the intellectual, emotional, and social wellbeing of the individual is interdependent on the wellbeing of the larger community. Thus, every aspect of NC reflects our committment to social justice, equity, and improvement. This commitment shapes our daily operations, from the ways facilitators communicate with young people to the types, qualities, and strengths of our community partnerships and learning networks. We continue this through our parent workshops, community problem solving sessions, and by listening to, engaging, and growing with our community members.

Natural Creativity is a non-profit organization.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's home page.


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