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Since 1979 Natural Pest Control Company has provided superior pest prevention and control services to commercial and residential customers in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, South Jersey and North Delaware. We follow (IPM) Principles that balance economic, environmental and human risks with effective management of pest threats. Though the concept of IPM was developed for agriculture, it is very suitable for urban pest control, and the practice employs human judgement in pest management. It is a method in which inspection, monitoring, and physical and cultural methods play greater roles than chemical control.


We have an intense focus on maintaining healthy environments and healthy humans in the communities where we work. We also like sharing our expertise with others - clients and vendors alike. This exchange and expanding our business in a controlled manner, has allowed us to study pest management problems carefully, and not sacrifice industry interest in the latest gadgets or fads for high quality, research-driven pest management. We believe everyone benefits from our approach.