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NFF has provided financial and advisory services to nonprofit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area since 1994.

NFF Workshops in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Linking Money To Mission: A Balancing Act

  1. A dynamic exploration of how nonprofits can improve the ways they get and use money so their missions can thrive.

Facility Projects: Planning, Funding & Financing Strategies

  1. This workshop demystifies the various fundraising and financing strategies available to pay for a facility project.

Growth in the Nonprofit Sector: Achieving Impact and Stability

  1. This workshop will look at the financial questions raised by growth, as well as the strains it can place on an organization's financial structure if not planned for and managed properly.

Getting to Know Nonprofit Finance Fund

  1. NFF staff will provide an introduction to NFF's mission and nonprofit financial services that aim to help nonprofit organizations improve their capacity to serve their communities.