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Editor's Note

Sadly, NTR has ceased operations.

  • From 1996 to 2015, NTR distributed over 16,000 computers to mostly low-income members of our Philadelphia community.
  • Of the computers distributed, over 3,300 were given for free to children and their families.
    • My respectful THANK YOU to all of our Volunteers, Interns, Board Members, Clients, Customers, Students, Staff, Hardware Donors and $upporters.
- Stan

Descriptive Information (Late 2015)

Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR) gives the following descriptive information:

NTR’s mission is to ensure that Philadelphia’s low-wealth communities have access to and the capacity to productively use information and communications technology. The “digital divide” diminishes economic, academic, civic and social opportunities at the individual, community, and metropolitan levels. NTR envisions a Philadelphia where everyone, regardless of income, has access to these opportunities and choices.

Student Letters
NTR has taught people how to use or repair computers since before the turn of the century. The following are excerpts from letters written by students and parents applying for NTR's Learning Through Technology "FreeLTT" classes, which include a free computer (subsidized by foundations and other donors) for every student:

  • "I want a computer a lot so I signed up. A computer can help me with my homework. Now I don't need to go to the library everyday to do my homework or some kind of project." L.L., 5th grade student, Julia Masterman School.
  • "First I would like to thank you for selecting my daughter A. P. Having this opportunity will be sure to give her a leg up on technology. Being so young and having a computer to use will definitely help her become comfortable with using it for learning and fun. Maybe she can show me a thing or two also. Again thank you." D.P., parent, St. Anne School.
  • "I will really appreciate if you help give me a computer. My parents can't afford a computer, but I hope to get one from NTR. Instead of going to the library and waiting for an hour to go on a computer, I will take my time researching at home if I have a computer." W.A., student, Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences.
  • "I would like to inform you that I am very happy about being able to get the computer from you. I am happy because I know a computer will help me to get my assignments done easier, as I would be able to gather information that I need to complete them much easier, instead of going to the library or my friend's house. It would help me to improve my First in Math scores as I would be able to get on to the game more easily. A computer has a lot of knowledge which is useful for smart students like me and I would love to be able to use some of this knowledge. I am also very sure it would be a lot of help to everyone in my home as my mother is in college now." N.M., student, Julia Masterman School.
  • "Our family needs a computer so our kids can use it to do homework assignments and as a study aid. Since I am unemployed I can use it to look for work. Our computer broke over the summer and we don't have the money to repair it." M.S., parent, St. Anne School.
  • "I am writing on behalf of one of my students, T. N. T. is a seventh grade special education student ... T. and I had a long discussion about how he could academically benefit from having a computer to use. The first area of academic need T. mentioned was his reading level. He has worked hard this year to increase his reading level from about a grade 3 level to about a 4th grade level and thinks that having a computer would give him an opportunity to make even more progress, as he could practice independently at home. T. further identifies the ability of computers to spell check his writing. He has determined that sometimes he does not write what he really means to say because of not knowing how to spell words and does not to spell them wrong in his assignments. Having access to the Internet is another advantage he identifies for the purpose of being able to use the programs our school has purchased for individual online learning, such as First in Math and Study Island." K.L., teacher, Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences.

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