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Link to the Calendar

Free Calendar of North Philadelphia Community Events

To be able to add your event or others, reach out to Ted Hewson

This Calendar Sponsored By

  • It seems every day we all receive flyers of various events happening in the North Philadelphia community..  Some of us selectively forward some on to others or add them to our facebook and/or instagram page.   Often by the time we receive the flyer, the event is happening the next day or shortly thereafter.   The information about each event often comes too late, gets lost or forgotten, or never gets to the people who really could benefit and  participate in it.
  • To deal with this reality., Community Connections Collaborative (CCC) has created a North Philadelphia Community Events Calendar using Google Calendars and is currently updating it based on emails they receive.   Each event includes a link to the flyer.   Here is a LINK  o the calendar.    If viewing from a website, “See more details” will link to the event on the actual google calendar where the flyer resides. CCC is offering to train others in how to add their own events to it and the calendar to other websites.   To see how it would appear on any website, and to see the guidelines for it showing other ways to access it, please go to ::
  • The guildelines make clear this is intended to be community driven, not for the sole benefit of any organization.   Please check it out!  See all that is happening next weekend and beyond.   If your event is not on it, reach out to to see how you can add your own!