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This page contains photos and images of Philly, from the late 1800's to the 1990's and it covers Center City, South Philly, West Philly, North Philly, Southwest Philly, Northeast Philly,Northwest Philly, Germantown and all other sections of the City !!!


Being born and raised in Philadelphia I have always been fascinated by old or vintage photos, pictures or images of my city (Philadelphia) I was always amazed by what used to be here as opposed to what's here now some of the old buildings and structures helped make what this city is now and I love reflecting and reminiscing about the past and Please note if you want your pictures posted by me, you're going to have to send them to my e-mail address for this page. It's oldimagesofphiladelphia@gmail.com, otherwise they will go to the Recent Posts by Others section of this page and your images may only be viewed by going to that section of the page, but if I post them everybody will see them since I'm the administrator of this page !!!!!