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The Opera Company of Philadelphia, also known as Opera Philadelphia, gives the following descriptive information:

Opera has been part of Philadelphia’s cultural livelihood for generation after generation. Some have been brought up in a family tradition of opera going, while others discover opera on their own. In order to keep the passion for opera alive for current and future generations, the Opera of Philadelphia provides opportunities for opera lovers and novices alike to learn more about this greatest of art forms. With free recitals, lectures, downloadable podcasts, student dress rehearsals, in school programs, and random acts of culture in the community, there are myriad ways for you to get acquainted with or deepen your appreciation of opera.

The Opera Company's Adult Education Programs give you an in-depth look at the art form you love from popular established programs like A Taste of Opera and Opera Overtures to events and classes in your community.

The Opera Company of Philadelphia is proud to offer educational programming for students throughout the Delaware Valley. Each program helps bring the rich heritage of opera and helps build the next generation of opera lovers and even opera singers! Offerings include free student dress rehearsals with accompanying standards-based curriculum guides through Sounds of Learning™, a new take on opera through Hip-H’opera, and other music-education resources for parents.

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