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Helping Leaders with Great Ideas to Make Positive Societal Changes

In 2010, Opportunity, Inc. began as a construction training class for men residing in a homeless shelter located in Philadelphia, PA. In the earlier part of 2011, Mr. William Webb, a minister, community activist, and human services practitioner, saw the construction trades as a mechanism for advancing and creating opportunities for members of disenfranchised communities, in particular, returning citizens, veterans, youth, and women. Later on in 2011, Dr. Latisha Webb joined her husband by planning fundraising events and putting in the infrastructure. The Webb's charge was to create a non-religious entity led by people of faith to serve the spiritual, economic, and social needs of other African Americans and Hispanic communities. Soon enough, a construction training class transformed into a trauma-informed non-profit organization that offers a variety of human services.

Notes:  The main URL (above) looks misspelled, but it's a deliberate combination of "Opp" and "Unity", so it does bring up the correct website, from the History page of which the above description is drawn.