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Other Networks Newsletter (1981-1988) was published and edited by Stan Pokras and Seth Horwitz out of the Public Interest Media Project's* office in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. Its tagline was "A Newsletter About Networks of People". The first issues were laid out by hand with paper and scissors; subsequent issues took advantage of then-new desktop publishing technology. This metamorphosis in production was paralleled in the publication's content: E.g., earlier issues mentioned "multilogues", in which social networks were created by people sending snail-mail letters to one person who would then send out copies to all; later issues increasingly described uses of computers for interpersonal interconnection. All of this, of course, went out to the public far in advance of the advent of 21st-century tools like Facebook and Twitter. 

  • The Public Interest Media Project changed its name to Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR) in 1993. NTR is the sponsoring organization of this Wiki.

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