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**13 [[Crest Pier Recreation Center]] (N)
**13 [[Crest Pier Recreation Center]] (N)
**13 [[Emlen Physick Estate]] (N)
**13 [[Emlen Physick Estate]] (N)
**13 [[Neon Museum of Philadelphia]] (N)
**13 [[Sea Isle City Historical Museum]] (N)
**13 [[Triple Bottom Brewing]] (N)
<br>'''''Alternate View:'''''&nbsp;[[Dynamic Pages Needing Work]]
<br>'''''Alternate View:'''''&nbsp;[[Dynamic Pages Needing Work]]

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This page was made for Wikidelphia editors who wish to see which are the oldest pages in the category Is-Page Needing Work. It's good for keeping track of work-in-progress if we all do the following:

  1. When you add a new page to Is-Page_Needing_Work, add an item (date and title) to the top of this list.
  2. When you finish a page that's listed here, and so it doesn't need work anymore, come back here and delete its item.

Alternate View: Dynamic Pages Needing Work


  • (N) A brand-new page created with the skeletal basics and awaiting a fleshing out.
  • (U) A general need for an update was discovered. E.g., the page was found to be obviously old.
  • (U: [comment]) An update is needed for a specific reason, or there's something specific that should be included in updating this page.

PaulSank Project

  • Look at all museums for possible addition of Info: Digital Collection. Also, check to see if they need Category:Is-Tourist_Attraction. (Done through: Grand Army of the Republic ....)
  • Here's a probable source for new pages: The 23 best things to do in Philadelphia with kids