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Penn Jersey Roller Derby profile photo.

Penn Jersey Roller Derby is proud to be the first roller derby league on the east coast to offer both banked and flat track roller derby action. We were founded in February, 2005 by Ken Sikes and Greg Spencer, both long term derby fans who wanted to revive the spirit of one of America’s most beloved sports. At the time of our founding, there were no other leagues in the region and only 22 roller derby leagues worldwide. When PJRD started, there was no standardized set of rules for flat-track roller derby, so we started playing by our own set of rules, derived from old-school banked track rules. In 2007, Ken Sikes founded the Old School Derby Association (OSDA), a formal alternative to the WFTDA rule set.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Our History page.

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