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*Facebook: [http://www.facebook.com/PhilaFamilyMag PhilaFamilyMag]
*Facebook: [http://www.facebook.com/PhilaFamilyMag PhilaFamilyMag]
<br><br>[[Category:About-Philadelphia]][[Category:About-Philadelphia_Schools]][[Category:About-Parenting]][[Category:About-Family Life]]
<br><br>[[Category:About-Philadelphia]][[Category:About-Philadelphia_Schools]][[Category:About-Parenting]][[Category:About-Family Life]][[Category:Is-Magazine]][[Category:Is-Publication]]

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Philadelphia Family Magazine gives the following descriptive information:

Philadelphia Family is not just a magazine or a social group — we are a dynamic presence that harnesses the power of both traditional and new media to unite and connect. Our mix of social media, print, digital, and in-person projects create a living, breathing network of influential families who support each other, share their knowledge, and celebrate the city as their children’s amazing backyard.