Philadelphia Home and School Council

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The Philadelphia Home and School Council (PHSC) gives the following descriptive information:

The Philadelphia Home and School Council (PHSC) is:

  • The Umbrella Organization for Home and School Associations in The Philadelphia Public Schools. We are the leadership body for the formation and re-establishment of Member Associations in the public schools that assist site-based parent groups to organize and carry out activities important to the education and welfare of public school students.
  • The only organization that has direct and regular contact with parents organized within individual schools in every administrative area of the city. Such close and continuous contact with parents who are taking initiatives within so many schools gives us a unique perspective on who parents are, what they want, and what they are prepared to do.
  • Committed to representing the diverse parent voices and initiatives, in all schools. We have outreach capacity, and in-roads to the parent body.
  • Communicating to parent’s through:
    • Monthly Academic Division/Regional Meeting
    • Monthly Television Program
    • Newsletters
    • PHSC Monthly General Membership Meetings
    • Monthly Leadership Institute Training Workshops
  • Proud to collaborate with The School District to make public education all that it can and should be. We are dedicated to the health and welfare of the whole student. We are moving toward greater appreciation of the whole parent, so that lines of communication between the Home and School are mutually responsive.
  • The Philadelphia Home and School Council represents parents on:
    • Superintendents Monthly Cabinet
    • Pennsylvania State Title I Parent Advisory Council (SPAC)
    • The Standing Committees of The Philadelphia School District