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Philadelphia Startup Digest gives the following descriptive information:

At Startup Digest, we work with the best local curators to bring you the most relevant content from the world of startups.

Whether you're just thinking about dipping your toe into entrepreneurial waters, or are a seasoned startup white-water rafter, Digest helps by connecting you with your startup community through events and top-notch content.

Be where you need to be, we'll help you cut out the noise.

Startup Digest curators are relentless in their pursuit to find and share the best events in your area. Every week, they collect these events and send them to you via a simple email. That's it!

Reading Lists
Hand-selected articles, news, and info from industry and topical experts.

From AI to Leadership & Resiliency, and FinTech to 3D Printing, we're working with people in the know to bring you the best information on topics and industries you care about.

Startup Digest is based in San Francisco, California.