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Phillyfunguide is a project of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. It gives the following descriptive information:

Since 2002, Phillyfunguide has been the Greater Philadelphia region’s “go-to” website for accurate and detailed information about upcoming artistic, cultural, entertainment, and sporting events. Administered by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, the site contains information on thousands of events and attractions.

The site's FAQ section includes these:

How do I find an event?

  1. Search for an event using the “What,” “When,” and “Where” boxes near the top left of the Phillyfunguide homepage or at the very top of any other page of the website. For better search results type your search term in quotes (EX: “Magic Gardens” instead of magic gardens).
  2. Browse our Category pages. There are over a dozen categories of events to choose from our dropdown menu at the top of the website. You can see what types of free, kids, theatre, and more events are happening and can narrow down your choices by highlighting tags.
  3. To search by dates click the “Today,” “Tomorrow,” or “This Weekend” links at the top of the website.
  4. Certain events will also be featured in the weekly Funsavers and Funperks emails.
  5. Follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social media accounts for the latest news on our favorite events.

How do I submit my event to be listed on Phillyfunguide?
Submitting your event to the Phillyfunguide is free and is easy to do. First, use our search to check if your event has already been submitted so that we reduce the chance of duplicates. At the top of the page is a blue “Submit an Event” button after clicking on that button you will be directed to a submission page. Upon completion you should receive a receipt email from Phillyfunguide.


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