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Musician | Earth-Worshipper | Visionary | Advocate

Edenspore is a multifaceted creative project of Philadelphia's Robyn Mello, incorporating original music, permaculture design, visual art, educational services, and various herbal and medicinal products from homegrown and wild-foraged mushrooms and plants. Mello is an earth-worshipper, visionary, advocate, and vessel for the physical and spiritual energies necessary to build a more just and verdant world, one seed, spore, and song at a time. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @edenspore.

What Is An Edenspore

An edenspore is a microscopic speck of a grand vision for Earth
Depending on where an edenspore lands, it can suffocate, dessicate, or germinate. When it germinates, it grows to blanket Earth in sweetness, magic, nourishment, medicine, healing, and complex structures strong enough to break down even the most stubborn of dying institutions. It has the potential to knit together whole ecosystems by establishing communication channels, decoding languages, and making space to breathe. When multiple edenspores meet, they initially compete, but, ultimately, they make each other stronger. Are you an edenspore?

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