Roy-Pitz Barrel House (Is-Past)

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According to the news item, "Liquid Art Barrel House/Roy Pitz Closes", the Philadelphia location has closed. Locally, the following information is now history:

A look inside Roy-Pitz Barrel House.

Roy-Pitz Barrel House is a barrel aged and sour beer brewpub from the Liquid Artists at Roy-Pitz Brewing Company, now open in Philadelphia.

The Roy-Pitz Barrel House is a new Philadelphia brewpub from the Liquid Artists at Roy-Pitz. Built and designed to reflect and showcase the artistry and craftsman behind the beer, food and the space itself. The Barrel House is fitting in the industrial style of the building, built directly into the old truck docks and is the newest fixture in the developing Spring Arts neighborhood. The bar features Roy-Pitz's full portfolio of award winning beer in addition to some location specific sour, funk and barrel aged Liquid Art specialties along with Pennsylvania craft spirits and wine. The menu at the Barrel House continues the tradition of local and farm fresh ingredients paired alongside the Liquid Art.

Notes:  The above description came from the company's home page. The company is headquartered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and has a location in Philadelphia.