Second Bank of the United States

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The Second Bank of the United States seen in late autumn.

The Portrait Gallery in the Second Bank of the United States, located on Chestnut Street, between 4th and 5th Street, is currently closed [as of February 2023] for renovation. The Second Bank project consists of replacing the 60 year-old copper roof, replacing the 50 year-old wood windows, and stabilizing the 200 year-old stone exterior so that it does not continue to deteriorate and pose a hazard to park staff and visitors. The work is expected to last approximately one year. By undertaking this project, the park will preserve the National Historic Landmark building for future generations.

When open, the Second Bank houses the People of Independence exhibit. This exhibit includes a permanent collection of over 150 portraits of 18th and 19th century political leaders, military officers, explorers and scientists, including many by noted artist Charles Willson Peale. The building itself once served as a financial hub for the nation as home to the Second Bank of the U.S

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the place's National Park Service page.

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