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Rather than just deleting this page, we are preserving it as we update
Rather than just deleting the earlier Wikidelphia page on TCRC, we are preserving it here.
*[[The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC)|Back to the Current TCRC page]]
*[[The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC)|Go Back to the Current TCRC page]]
===== Success for Citizens  =====
===== Success for Citizens  =====

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Rather than just deleting the earlier Wikidelphia page on TCRC, we are preserving it here.

Success for Citizens

Our organization is dedicated to the concept of success for citizens who are returning to society after periods of incarceration. For those who have just come home, are living in halfway houses, or have been home for some time, and are still struggling, the emphasis is on a successful transition. Transition can take many years in some cases, and the after effects of incarceration may surface in many different ways.


Then, what does it mean to have a successful transition?  In real terms? First of all is money....a job....employment that is meaningful, pays the bills and allows one to not just exist...but live. Secondly it means re-integrating back into your family and community structure. It means putting aside all thoughts of your criminal past and searching out new opportunities, new ways of thinking, new patterns of behavior. It is a vision of change as a lifestyle.

Being A Leader

It means embracing a new mindset, letting cognitive thinking, rational thought and behavior patterns dictate your life. As is depicted in the photo above, it means being a leader instead of a follower, blazing new trails, creating new ideas, pushing the boundaries and refusing to fail. It means setting aside thoughts of quick money and easy scores and embracing a "normal" life. A job, a steady daily grind, slow money but ultimately "mo" money.

It may mean acquiring educational skills that you need to succeed. It may mean attending GED class and then enrolling for college, working and going to school at night or online. It can mean  working to lay the foundation for your own business, doing the necessary research, finding a job in the field, and gaining the experience to make your own venture viable. It definitely means means planning, working, struggling and sacrificing to make your dream a reality.

Getting The Help You Need

TCRC is about people who have done time, are now home and determined to succeed,  getting the help they need. Counseling, peer support, job leads, life skills, a listening ear, encouragement and most of all an example to follow.

TCRC was founded on the concept of individuals who have come home, are in the midst of their own transition, yet are helping others with their journey. Our inspiration is the past , the present and the future. Of the great men of history that are depicted above, Malcom X,  and Marcus Garvey were returning citizens, Martin L. KIng was incarcerated on many occasions, and Thurgood Marshall worked in criminal justice and law and changed the course of history.

Battle For The Rights Of Former Prisoners

We have a similar opportunity. In this era , the battle for the rights of former prisoners and current prisoners may become the new civil rights/human rights movement. We stand at the forefront of this issue. But before we can effect change on a local, state and national level, we must change ourselves.

A Vehicle For Change

In order to have a positive effect on the lives of those we love and respect, we must build a new life for ourselves. TCRC is a vehicle for change. If you are serious about your return to the world, creating a successful transition that embraces your family, friends, associates and community, you are ready for TCRC.

Help For People Who Are Returning To Society

Our philosophy is based on the belief that our client's needs are of the utmost importance. We are an organization of returning citizens that seek to serve those whose lives are similar to our own. TRCR exists to help persons who are returning to society to establish themselves and move forward in a positive manner.