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A Poem By Gerald Alan Ney

Task & Purpose 10/26/2018
(See also Poet's Dilemma & Imperative
and Caedmon's Choice)

I see the mountains,
I see the sea,
And sometimes
Both together.
I've heard their voices
and sung their songs;
Noted their signs inscribed
On Gaia's fluid face.
I could tell you
What I was gifted,
What I received
Into my mind and heart,
Soul and spirit.
But as our ears
Are different,
What you hear
Will be measured, weighed,
Sifted, filtered,
By what you are.
And yet,
Again the words
Insistently call
For impression to expression.
As they once did
To Caedmon
Of the dream song:
"Sing me a song."
So I put voice to ink,
and color to letters,
A novice's crayola scrawls,
And pray to strike and stroke
A plangent chord
To resonate
On expectant strings
Of someone's inner harp.