The Donna Gentile Story

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The Life and Murder of an Innocent Runaway - San Diego’s NHI Murder Victim

Donna Gentile, a young high profile prostitute, caught in the middle of a scandal with two San Diego policemen. As a result of her court testimony they were fired. Her life became furthered complicated when the Internal Affairs division exploited her as a police corruption informant.

In March 1985 from the Las Colinas jail she predicted her own murder. In June 1985 her brutally murdered body turned up in Mt. Laguna. Gravel was stuffed in her mouth. Was this Donna’s dream? No. She dreamt of love, family, home, the white picket fence, the dream of so many young women of her day.

This is the True Crime story of the authors first cousin…her story…the story of Donna Gentile, high profile prostitute, police informant. Her autopsy was sealed, the FIRST AUTOPSY TO BE SEALED in the city of San Diego. Why?

Author, Anita DeFrancesco, clearly remembers the words Donna verbalized on the telephone and in a letter that she underlines from the Las Colinas San Diego county jail: “ I reported a cop for sexually harassing me” “My Life is in Danger when I get out, the cops are waiting for me”.

The 22 year old Philadelphia native, recorded a tape for CBS television and begged not to be released from jail in fear that the cops were waiting for her. Her spoken words:

“I feel someone in a uniform with a badge can still be a serious criminal”.

A trailblazer who carved a path for women in this current climate, the era of “Me Too”.

The high profile story exploded in the media and was nationally televised. Artists unveiled a billboard with the logo NHI; No Humans Involved; bearing the picture of Donna which was faced toward the SDPD headquarters. We believe her murder was a “cover up”.

No one should be both a criminal and a victim!


Donna's exact tape-recorded words-before she was found murdered

“In case I disappear somewhere or am missing, I want my lawyer to give this to the press. I have no intention of disappearing or going out of town without letting my lawyer know first. Because of the publicity that I have given a police scandal, this is the reason why I'm making this. I feel someone in a uniform with a badge can still be a serious criminal. This is the only life insurance that I have.”

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