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A holding place for Stan.

This article is being written in preparation for submitting a proposal to the 29th Annual Technology & Adult Education Conference, May 19, 2017 Wikidelphia provides users with a unique system for categorizing content. By promoting the City as a source of interesting topics, adult learners can be encouraged to conduct Internet research. Learners can seek out information covering their own interests among the area's unique and diverse set of opportunities for music, sports, education, news, live entertainment, social events, dating sites, games, and so on... As a practical outcome, each learner will be able to show friends and relatives the results of their searching and their writing and editing. Each user will be able to apply their own imprint to each page of Wikidelphia of interest to them or created by them. Teachers and coaches could be invited to attend workshops on how to use Wikidelphia as a learning tool. The Wikidelphia team would also work with educational designers to create curricula that can be used in a variety of learning settings and for a range of desired outcomes.

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This is a test template.