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|Dawkins, Richard
|Dawkins, Richard
|The Selfish Gene
|The Selfish Gene
|Toffler, Alvin
|Future Shock

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Author Items Comments
Anderson, Elijah A Place on the Corner

Code of the Street


The Cosmopolitan Canopy

Ethnographic books on race relations. I was introduced to Prof. Anderson while he was at Penn.


Andrews, David The IRG Solution
Ashby, W. Ross Design for a Brain Prof Ashby provides a clue as to what it takes to manage something.

Ashby's Law: Variety absorbs variety.

Victor, Larry Nuets Nodes Larry Victor - Nuets Nodes
Greco, Thomas H. Jr. The End Of Money and the Future Of Civilization
Zuboff, Shoshana The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
Mackinnon, Rebecca Consent of the Networked
Wicks, Judy Good Morning Beautiful Business
Mitteldorf, Josh Cracking The Aging Code The new science of growing old - and what it means for staying young
Brown, Ellen The Web of Debt

The Public Bank Solution

Waldrop, M. Mitchell Complexity The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos
Dawkins, Richard The Selfish Gene
Toffler, Alvin Future Shock

The World Is Flat

This page will eventually hold a list of books and other sources that I have found useful in guiding my thinking... (Stan)