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Wikidelphia LIVES! Celebrate our great city and the people who live, work and have fun here!

Hi, I'm Stan Pokras… publisher of Wikidelphia and inventor of the Wikidelphia Category System.

Agreements How socitey works...

I am the "Instigator" of Community Magic.

I am the Executive Director Emeritus of

Nonprofit Technology Resources

(Formerly on Brandywine Street, Now out of business)

Internal Wikidelphia Project

I am working on a system to organize pages.

You can see the beginning of this system by looking at Wikidelphia Category System (WCS)

Community Connectors Notebook


Nonprofit Technology Resources

Pervasive Computing

I subscribe to 

I received this email

It made me go to Google's Video index to look up Pervasive Computing

I found these videos

This is stan testing the editor.

This is standard text This is a link for local news