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350Philly fights for solutions to the climate crisis that science & justice demand.

We promote a rapid transition to a just and sustainable economy, through education, protest, advocacy, organizing, and coalition building.

  • Climate crisis – In recent years we have seen unprecedented drought, flooding, heat, and storm surges. The resulting impacts are death, disease, destruction, and destabilized societies. We need a just transition to a sustainable society, everywhere.
  • Science – The math is clear. To limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius, 80% of known fossil fuel reserves may never be burned. The need for action could not be more urgent. We need a rapid mobilization from fossil fuels to renewables, a shift to more localized production and consumption, and towards greater equity in the allocation of finite global resources.
  • Justice – In the past year alone, the divestment movement has grown to $2.6 trillion — a 50-fold increase! After we “turn off” the fossil fuels, we must “turn on” the alternatives. We must invest in clean energy, efficient infrastructure, and long-lasting green jobs. Climate change represents a test of human potential; it is an opportunity to re-imagine what is possible and re-tool society to be more sustainable, equitable, and just.
  • Solidarity – Our goal is to achieve a “Just Transition to a Sustainable Society”. This means much more than clean energy, bringing an awareness to the #NoDAPL movement, the digital divide and the CAPCOMCAST campaign, the fight for 15Now, and the struggle for high quality education for all, healthcare for all, and an end to corporate personhood, are all interconnected.

At the crux of the biggest threat to humanity (climate change) lies a social, an economic, and a political issue. 350Philly acknowledges this and calls for deep change that restructures systems of power and finance — urging a people-powered shift in our systems of value.


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