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Your Neighborhood Computer Store

  • APE TEK Computers has support specialists and technicians who can help customers with their computers the way they would like to be supported which is the customer's way.
  • Our goal is to make everyone happy and to be able to take care of individual or business with dignity & integrity.
  • We give you the highest quality of care we can provide because our professionals are experienced, and screened.
  • Our mission is to service you with a variety of specialists/technicians that can help you with your problems.
  • Our clients are so confident with us that they give us repeat business years after years since 2005.
  • We're operated by computer enthusiasts, not just sales people. If it can be repaired, we can fix it. With some of the best prices around, we're the quickest turn-around in the business!

    At APE TEK Computers, we believe in customer satisfaction and strive to succeed in this. When you deal with one of our technicians, you're dealing with a genuine computing enthusiast. Chances are he or she has at least 2 or 3 computers of their own, is building one at home for a friend, and has an uncanny knowledge of the history of the qwerty keyboard. But don't let that put you off - the truth is that we understand how important a reliable computer is in this modern world, and we have all the tools required to provide just that.