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Damian Miller of A New Hope Hypnosis.

A New Hope Hypnosis gives the following descriptive information:

Hypnotherapy gives us access to understanding the underlying source of human behavior.

With hypnotherapy, we can empower ourselves to have amazing transformations in our lives.


Hi, I’m Damian Miller.
When I was 14, I experienced my first miracle. Growing up in a religious family, I had heard about miracles, but on that summer day in 1994, I witnessed a truly powerful transformation for the first time. I watched in awe as a girl, who had been petrified of heights ten minutes prior, rappel down 120-foot cliff, willingly and confidently. This was a miracle to me because on our way up to the cliff, she was shivering, shaking, and crying. The cause of this transformation? Hypnotherapy. My rock climbing teacher had hypnotized her and helped her to overcome her fear.

Witnessing first-hand someone being cured of a phobia by hypnosis was a pivotal moment in my life. Soon thereafter, I began to devour everything I could on hypnosis. I read everything I could get my hands on, and I asked my teacher to show me what to do.

Nineteen years later, I am still fascinated by hypnosis. As I build my practices in Philadelphia and New Jersey I continue to study and expand my horizons with new teachers, methods, and literature. I hold certifications from Bucks County Community College and the Institute of Hypnosis Sciences, and I am also certified under the American Council of Hypnotists Examiners.

Hypnosis allows me to tap into my natural strengths and passions: the desire to help people, my ability to be present and listen, and my creative problem-solving skills. I’ve helped people quit smoking, lose weight, settle emotions, and gain focus and personal power.

I believe in our ability to heal ourselves. I believe that, within us, we each have everything we need in order to be well, healthy, and vibrant. Through hypnotism, I help my clients realize the power within themselves.