Adoption Is A Loving Option

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Adoption Is A Loving Option gives the following descriptive information:

Our Dream:  To live in a world where the demand for abortions is virtually nonexistent, because no one would ever consider one.

Our Mission:  Making a difference by educating youth about the positive options for facing unplanned pregnancies. If we touch the heart and change the mind of one person, we will save the lives of many.

Our Vision: By sharing our personal stories on adoption, we give a voice and a face to unborn children. By educating youth and young adults on adoption, we empower them to speak up against abortion, support adoption as a better choice and understand more options if faced with an unplanned pregnancy. By rousing our youth we will change hearts which will transform our culture to a culture of life!

Our Goals:  To speak to as many youth and young adults as we can through:

  • Archdiocesan High Schools.
  • Private Catholic High Schools.
  • Other Christian High Schools.
  • Colleges and Universities.
  • Seminars through local youth groups.

To provide educational materials to Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

This organization is based in North Wales, Pennsylvania.


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