African Family Health Organization (AFAHO)

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African Family Health Organization fundraising dinner photo.

The African Family Health Organization (AFAHO) introduces itself with the line, "Connecting African and Caribbean immigrants and refugees to critical healthcare," and gives the following descriptive information:

AFAHO works to assist, serve, and empower members of the African and Caribbean immigrant and refugee communities in the greater Philadelphia area who experience difficulties accessing health and human services to improve their access to these services. Annually, AFAHO provides direct services to nearly 800 members of these communities and reaches another 1,000 through community outreach and education with a small staff of committed individuals. We are committed to assisting those hard-to-reach and under served members of the population most impacted by health disparities in order to improve their health outcomes. Based on community assessments of the African Diaspora, we have found that focusing on preventive healthcare is essential to improving the long-term health of these communities. Prevention, screening and treatment services are critical in addressing chronic conditions that have a disproportionate impact on people of African descent. This is central to our mission and we aim to expand our prevention, education and access to treatment programs to Africa and the Caribbean.