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Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy is a program of the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society and gives the following descriptive information:

Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy is a full-time private Islamic school, established in 1996. Situated in Philadelphia, PA, on Germantown Ave. Al-Aqsa provides classes from Kindergarten-10th grade. We aim to provide an Islamic environment for all students, enabling them to acquire academic excellence and Islamic morals to prepare them to become viable individuals able to meet the challenges of our changing world."

Special Statement

From the Secretary of the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society:

To My Fellow Muslims World-Wide: I am seizing this opportunity to speak to all of you, to say emphatically, that in the US we have the freedom to practice our religion which we never had back home. This is, indeed, the country of freedom. To those who are taking up arms to fight in their self declared war there is the strong admonition from our Prophet (sal.):

"Do not cut down any tree, nor kill any woman, child, sick person, doctor or old man. Do not destroy any place of worship nor slaughter any animal unless it is to be eaten. Do not force anyone to be a Muslim. Do not kill any monk, priest or rabbi from any denomination. Do not mutilate the body nor destroy buildings. If you take a prisoner he is to be treated well. It is best to forgive and to forget those who have fought against you."

If you want to learn your religion, this is the Prophet's (sal.) statement. How can you kill innocent men, women or children?

To My American Muslim brothers and sisters who are recent immigrants: When we raise our hands to take the oath of allegiance to the United States of America, to support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we as Muslims cannot break our oath. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (sal.) never broke his oath. We are obligated as a part of our religion to uphold the laws of this land and become good citizens. The oath of a Muslim is a sacred duty. It cannot be broken.


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